This is Ben Rameaka

A Good Cop Great Cop joint with the wonderful Alexandra Fiber, Charles Gould, Matt Porter, Charlie Hankin, and Dan Glaser. Also, at one point during shooting Charlie, while waving an ice cream above his head and wearing a paramedic’s uniform, screamed “Hey! Look!” 14 times at a man driving a Good Humor truck. 

A Bonobos Video I did for April Fools. It came out great. Starring the irascible and alluring Nick Kocher and directed by the charming and self-effacing Jeff Chan. If you missed it take a peek. 

Another Above Average Joint. This one penned by Zhubin Parang and starring Zhubin, myself, and Bob Balaban. Bob and Zhubin got into a brutal 25 minute long fistfight before we shot. But like the professionals they are they put their differences aside to make a real funny video. Great work also by Tim Bierbaum, Dan Mirk, Celeste Ballard and the rest of the AA crew.

Reunited with my sister-wife Kelly Hudson from this awesome SCRAPS joint. Trevor Williams and Angel Yau handled our segment. The scenes are packed with funny folks like Lauren Conrad Adams. Adam Newman is kind of funny until you shoot a half-hour brain teaser pilot with him that never goes anywhere and you realize he’s REALLY funny. 

Another Above Average joint. This time with Cathryn Mudon and Tim Robinson. Written/conceived by Emily Altman and Dan Mirk. Produced by the exemplary Celeste Ballard and directed by Tim. I wore my own seater. 

Ramsey Has A Time Machine is the terrific web series by hilarious dude (and personal friend) Ramsey Ess. 

So last fall I was lucky enough to be part of Amazon’s venture into internet television/original content. The show is called Alpha House and has a bunch of funny people (John Goodman, Matt Malloy, Mark Conseuelos, Clark Johnson, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Sedaris) and is written by American Icon Garry Trudeau. Anyway, the first three episodes are free (to watch the entire season you need Amazon Prime (See how they do that)) and I hope you get some time to do just that.

what's ur ethnicity? :]

French Canadian Lithuanian. What’s yours?

Another terrific Scraps joint. This UCB Beta team continues to kill it. Written and directed by Ed Mundy. With Caroline Cotter and Dan Chamberlin.

A Good Cop/Great Cop joint. Thanks to Charlie Hankin and Matt Porter for asking me to do it. Check out all their stuff. It’s hilarious.